Shipping and delivery can between 1 and 2 weeks depending on the destination 

They depend on the destination and the product’s measurements. Shipping is handled by DHL – Please visit this link for all the detailed shipping information.

All the information you need is in the description of each item: measurements, weight, model, use, materials and manufacturing.

We have one single universal rack and a series of unique accessories designed for each 4x4 model that we support. At TMT we are not liable for any modifications made to our products. We do not recommend this practice as it could result in irreversible damage to your vehicle.

We are not liable for damages to the painting that may arise during product shipping with DHL. We guarantee that the product is packed in excellent conditions and with the necessary protection in order to avoid any damage during shipping.

The warranty policy for TMT accessories and products offers a return policy for one (1) month after the purchase of the product for wearing of materials in our products.

Installation manuals for each of our products are available for free download in this link  or by directly in the website where the product was purchased.

You can contact us at sales@tmt4x4.comPhone: +1 786 210 5352

Once you receive your product you will find the delivery note inside your packaging which includes our direct contact information in case of any complaints on your product.