How to Shop


  1.    Choose the products you want to buy in the website and add them to the shopping cart

  2.    Make sure the pieces are compatible with your vehicle and that they are available when shopping

  3.    Once you have all your products ready, go to the shopping cart and click on proceed to checkout

  4.    To continue with your purchase you must log in or register if you don’t have an account with us. It is important that you create an account so that we have better control over all of your purchases and provide you with a better service

  5.    If you have a promo code, you can enter it during this process

  6.    Enter the shipping address information

  7.    Choose the shipping method

  8.    Choose your paying method:
    - Credit card: enter the credit card information and mailing address
    - PayPal: click on the PayPal button and follow the instructions

    During this process we don’t recommend closing windows or clicking “back” or “forward”
  1. If your payment is successful, wait a few seconds for it to be processed and then the confirmation screen will appear with your order information. This information will also be sent to your email. (If your payment is not successful, an error screen will appear with the specific error and the instructions for the following steps)

  2. Wait for your TMT products! The shipping time will depend on your location. For more information on shipping and returns click here

  3.  To see your orders, simply go to your account