With the objective of guaranteeing the best quality and durability of your painting, the products from TMT 4x4 Accessories go through a rigorous quality control process.

Among the processes that each of our products go through you can find: chemical treatment, sand blasting and 4 layers of podwer coating.

Since we want you to have the best off-road experience with our products, we provide some recommendations for keeping them in the best possible way:

  • Keep your vehicle clean, wash it with water and soap immediately after exposing to salty environments. The salt and magnesium chloride used on icy roads to prevent freezing are also present at the beach and in locations near the ocean. These are highly corrosive elements that will deteriorate your painting in time.
  • Avoid any drilling, cutting or modifications to your products because you will be creating spots where the oxidation process may begin. Remember that tmt4x4 has a wide range of accessories that meet your needs.
  • If you find any damage in your painting or oxide spots, retouch it and make it as good as new:
    • Clean the area properly, remove all the oxide and damaged painting
    • Sand the borders between the original painting and the metal until achieving a smooth transition
    • Slowly apply several thin layers of roust-oleum spray painting of a similar color and texture to the original in your product until achieving the same thickness of the original painting
    • If you use too much painting you can create ripples. Use sandpaper to reduce them and to smoothen the surface
    • Once you see that the repaired area is fairly similar to the original painting and that there are no abrupt changes, you have finished the job.