Warranty Policy


  1. Once you receive your TMT 4x4 Accessory you have a 1 month warranty, due to defect or for replacing any of its components.
  2. To make use of your warranty you must have your purchase order receipt that will arrive with your product; there you will find the order number that you can use to contact us directly through any of the following ways: 
    Phone: +1 786 210 5352 
  3. If you have any complaint due to change or defect in any product or one of its parts, it is required that you send the product back to us for replacement. The shipping cost for sending the product to the company will be paid by the client.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the product, TMT 4x4 Accessories will take returns, once we receive the product you will receive the amount for the original pricing.
  5. TMT 4x4 Accessories is not responsible for custom expenses for shipping to any destination, the client is responsible for this payment.
  6. TMT 4x4 Accessories is not responsible for any defects on the painting caused by scratches, impacts and/or bumps during shipping. We use third parties for our shipping and they are not responsible for any damages caused. We protect your purchase from any inconvenient and work hard to have your product delivered in the best possible conditions.
  7. To increase the life of your TMT 4x4 products we offer some recommendations here.
  8. Warranty is lost on any of the following cases:
    •    Damage caused by poor execution when installing on your vehicle
    •    Installation on non-compatible vehicles
    •     Overloading beyond the recommended capacity
    •    Damage caused by improper maintenance
    •    Improper use or damage received in competitions or races
    • Ignoring the recommendations provided by the company
TMT 4x4 Accessories is not responsible for any personal or material and/or commercial damage that may come from using the accessories.