At TMT we are always attentive to your needs, so we offer you the chance to customize our products. While it is true that Roof Racks for different models include a certain number of crossbars, now you have the option to increase the number of crossbar to improve rack versatility. How? By adding accessories and thus improving your trip experience. In TMT we innovate so that you enjoy a unique off-road experience without leaving comfort aside. In the most recent update to our crossbars we added drop points for carriage bolts, making the installation of accessories easier.

The extra crossbar are made in compliance with the highest quality standards and are easy to install. The crossbar measure 1" x 2" (25mm x 50mm). Included with the crossbars is an installation kit. Estimated delivery time of 7 days.


  • Each crossbar can be purchased individually
  • Each crossbar is specifically designed for each vehicle model
  • Each crossbar comes with grooves to easily and sacurely add accessories.
  • The crossbar can be installed in different positions in the rack for a customized configuration that meets your needs.
  • The crossbars are made of aluminum 6061-T6 by extrusion, with slots where the carriage bolts slide. Both sides of the profile are threaded with black powder coating
  • Weigth = 9 Lbs
  • Length = 47’’ Width = 4’’ Height = 4" 
  • NOTE. The weight and length varies depending on your vehicle
  • Delivery Time = 7 days 
  • 1 crossbar
  • Kit of stainless steel screws for installation