If you´re concerned about your cargo´s safety, then the TMT Load-Carrier is your ideal accessory, with a unique and sleek design, it offers a sophisticated appearance to your truck. The Load-Carrier allows you to enjoy your off-road experiences, even when transporting delicate loads. The load carrier consists of two laterals which have a red coating for maximum visibility, it also has some lateral slots that ease a secure fastening of your load through straps.

The TMT Load-Carrier ca be conveniently installed anywhere in your TMT Skyline Roof Rack, this will help you place your load in the most convenient positions. You also can select your TMT Load-Carrier With Crossbar. The estimated delivery time of the product is 7 days.

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  • The TMT load carrier adjusts to all types of load.
  • The sides can be placed in any position of your Roof Rack, this will depend on your load. 
  • The installation is really easy.
  • The TMT Load-Carrier slots make it easier to secure your cargo with straps
  • The process begins with a detailed design which is subjected to various stress test for all our parts. Once drawings are done, the TMT load carrier is manufactured in carbon steel .134" thickness, laser cut for greater precision and subsequently bent with CNC. These parts are cleaned with a chemical baths, then, a red coating is applied. The screws received a chemical baths to avoid rust process.
  • Weight = 6 Lbs
  • Length = 24’’ Width = 6’’ Height = 4.5’’
  • Delivery Time = 7 days 
  • 2 laterals
  • All the screws needed for installation