Enjoy all the comfort during your off-road trip with the TMT Rooftop Tent. It´s super easy to assemble and resistant to all weather conditions. Product is available now with an estimated delivery time of two weeks. (Slight variations depending on destination)


  • Air conditioning may be installed
  • Beige color
  • Anti-tear poly/cotton fabric
  • Mosquito net windows
  • Aluminum floor with temperature isolation
  • Special design that allows comfortable setup in the roof of your vehicle
  • Open Measurements: 1.40 m wide x 2.4 m long x 1.3 m height
  • 2 adults maximum capacity
  • Manufactured in high quality poly/cotton and polyurethane, offering higher water resistance
  • Laminated roof with pvc which enables stability of UV rays
  • Aluminum floor
  • 58,3 x 48,8 x 11,4 cm
  • Weight: 137 lbs
  • Tent
  • Includes high density mat
  • 8 tent nails for windows and entrance
  • Pvc covering
  • Support for air conditioning