The 4x4 TMT roof rack is a necessary complement to increase the load capacity of your Toyota 4Runner 4th generation in off-road trips. Product available now with an estimated delivery time of 7 days. (Slight variations depending on destination)


  • Ideal accessory for Toyota 4Runner 4th generation (2009-2013)
  • Easy installation, does not require drilling or modifying your roof. It attaches to the original rack anchors of your vehicle.
  • The aerodynamic design of the wind deflector reduces vibration and noises at high speeds, also enabling attachment of Rigid Industries SR model LED light bars and any other Slim model light bars.
  • We have 3 deflector models for each case: for installing two 10’’ LED bars, one 40’’ bar or if you´re not installing any lights (depending on the deflector model you choose)
  • A wide selection of accessories is available.
  • The rack has a higher load capacity than your truck roof. (To learn about the allowed weight of your roof check the manufacturer manual)
  • The profiles have rails were the carriage bolts slide into, making the secure attachment of your accessories easier.
  • The slots of the lateral beams enable the profiles to be attached in different positions for you to set up the rack according to your specific needs.
  • The lateral beams are manufactured in 3mm thickness laser-cut A36 steel and bent with CNC. Cleaned by sand-blasting and chemical bath, with a black powder coating and a micro-texture finish
  • Aluminum 6061 T6 Profiles manufactured by extrusion, with rails where the screws of the carriage slide into. Both sides of the profile are threaded. Black smooth electrostatic painting finish.
  • Galvanized screws to avoid oxide, chrome look.
  • Weight = 97 Lbs
  • Length = 96’’ Width = 9’’ Height = 7’’
  • Delivery Time = 7 days 
  • 2 Lateral beams
  • 6 crossbars
  • 1 wind deflector (we have 3 available models to integrate LED light bars)
  • No space for attaching LED lights
  • For one 40’’ LED light bar
  • For two 10’’ LED light bars
  • Note: The roof rack does not include LED light bars. Choose the deflector model that best meets your requirements
  • 2 deflector brackets
  • 2 securing clamps
  • All the screws needed