The Adjustable TMT Rack Cargo Chocks are the latest in roof rack accessories. They are made to continue improving your comfort and your off-road experience, focused to increase your loads to another level of safety. This accessory be can installed anywhere in your Skyline Roof TMT rack. It can adapt to any position of your rectangular load, regardless of the dimension, as long as it fits the Rack area. This allows you to place your delicate cargo in the most convenient position. Additionally, the cargo wedges have a unique and slim design that preserve both the impressive and sophisticated appearance that the Skyline Roof Rack gives to your truck. This accessory is a structure made from 3mm A36 steel sheets with a black powder coating, it has two fixing slots for the profiles and a lashing slot for the straps. Our product has an estimated delivery time of two weeks.


  •  The Adjustable TMT Rack Cargo Chocks allow you to immobilize your cargo. Placing one in each corner of the load ensures you avoid any kind of movement or rattles.
  • They can be adjusted according to each profile, which allows you to change sizes and adapt to a wide variety of equipment and loads.
  • They can be easily and quickly secured to your Rack, using the hardware provided.
  • Slots make it easier to secure your load with straps. 
  • The process begins with a detailed design which is subject to various stress tests for all our parts.
  • Once the plans have been made, The Adjustable TMT Rack Cargo Chocks are manufactured in 3mm thick A36 steel, laser cut for greater precision and then bent with CNC. These parts are cleaned with sandblasting and chemical baths, then a black powder coating is applied
  • The screws are made of stainless steel. 
  • Weight = 3.5 Lb for the set of 4
  • Length = 11’’ Width = 8,3" Height = 4,7’’
  • Delivery Time = 2 weeks
  • 4 x cargo wedges for the Rack
  • All the screws needed for installation
  • NOTE: equipment and straps are not included in the kit