TMT 4x4


The TMT roof racks and pick-up racks kits include a set amount of Profiles. If you want to improve the load capacity of your rack and add more accessories, you can include additional profiles that will improve the performance of your 4x4 during off-road trips. Product available now with an estimated delivery time of two weeks. (Slight variations depending on destination)


  • Profiles are sold by units
  • Available for the specific measurements of your rack. Compatible with the roof rack and pick-up rack.
  • The grooves in the side beams allow the profiles to be attached in different positions in the rack, for custom needed configurations
  • The profiles have grooves where the screws slide into, making it easy to safely attach a variety of accessories
  • Easy installation
  • Aluminum 6061 T6 Profiles manufactured by extrusion, with grooves where the screws of the carriage slide into. Both sides of the profile are threaded. Black smooth electrostatic painting finish.
  • Weight = 6,6 lb
  • Length = 53’’ Width = 3,3’’ Height = 2,2’
  • Delivery Time = 2 weeks
  • 1 Profile
  • Screw set