TMT 4x4


The TMT roof racks include 1 deflector with the option for adding up to 3 deflector models with additional racks.
  • No space for adding led lights
  • For one 40’’ light bar
  • For two 10’’ light bars
    This deflector model is ideal for those who want the rack without any light bars. Product available now with an estimated delivery time of two weeks. (Slight variations depending on destination)
  • Unavailable

  • For roof racks without light bars
  • It adapts perfectly to the shape of the roof of your vehicle
  • The roof deflector rack is easy to install
  • The aerodynamic design of the wind deflector minimizes vibration and noises at high speeds
  • Manufactured in 3mm wide laser-cut A36 steel and bent with CNC. Cleaned by sand-blasting and chemical bath, with a black electrostatic paint and a micro-texture finish
  • Galvanized screws to avoid oxide, chrome look.
  • Weight = 9 lb
  • Length = 53’’ Width = 9’’ Height = 2"
  • Delivery Time = 2 weeks
  • 1 Deflector
  • Screw set
  • Note: The roof rack does not include led light bars. Choose the deflector model that best meets your requirements